Brief introduction of welding equipment of welding robot

2020-05-19 324

For transformers with small capacity, 50 Hz power frequency AC can be used, while for transformers with larger capacity, inverter technology has been used to convert 50 Hz power frequency AC into 600 ~ 700 Hz AC, so as to reduce the volume of transformer. After the voltage transformation, it can be directly welded with 600 ~ 700Hz alternating current, or secondary rectification and direct current welding.

The welding parameters are adjusted by timer. The new timer has been computerized. Therefore, the robot control cabinet can directly control the timer without additional interface. The welding tongs of spot welding robot usually use pneumatic welding tongs, and the opening degree between the two electrodes of pneumatic welding tongs is generally only two-stage stroke. Moreover, once the electrode pressure is set, it can not be changed at will.


In recent years, a new kind of electric servo spot welding tongs has appeared. The opening and closing of the welding tongs are driven by servo motor and fed back by code disk. The opening degree of the welding tongs can be selected and preset arbitrarily according to the actual needs. Moreover, the pressing force between electrodes can be adjusted steplessly. Welding robot welding equipment, due to the use of welding tongs, welding transformer installed behind the welding tongs, so the transformer must be as small as possible.

This article comes from the manual welding equipment of water tank

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