How to deal with the failure of welding robot?

2019-12-20 323

General welding robot factory has the following disadvantages:

A) the human defects caused by improper operation mainly include damage of welding gun in welding robot factory and improper loading and unloading of workpieces, and no deformation of positioner follow-up.

B) the disadvantages of poor design and manufacture of peripheral equipment mainly include: problems of lifting way switch and cable, quality problems of some components flashed by teaching device.

C) improper environmental protection, if the humidity in the air is too high and the static electricity acts, the dust on the welding site is large, forming dust accumulation in the control cabinet and misoperation.

In the early stage of welding robot factory, if there are defects, the following methods are generally adopted: first, appoint the company's professional repair personnel to track the equipment; second, contact the manufacturer to carry out systematic training and learning for operators; third, establish perfect repair records and The shortcomings of the standard, the diagnostic criteria.


In the repair process of welding robot factory, the preliminary diagnosis of defects is decisive. The accuracy of diagnosis mainly depends on three elements: accurate statement of defect information at one time; theoretical discriminant analysis ability of defects; unit improvement.

Based on the defect repair information of welding robot factory, the reliability diagnosis is made. Some can be divided into welding machine, welding machine, welding machine, welding machine. Some defects can be detected by visual inspection, such as machine defects, rapid replacement of equipment fault lights, while digital signal defects such as bus communication defects, power system defects and industrial computer system defects, it is necessary to select test equipment.

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