How to improve the efficiency of straight seam welding machine?

2019-12-20 318

The straight seam welding machine is widely used in ordinary times, and our appeal to the seam welding machine is constantly strengthened. We should know about the operation of the seam welding machine.

The straight seam welding machine is not only excellent in spot welding machine, but also excellent in seam welding machine. A good machine must be equipped with a good operator. It is not simple to be a good operator. In addition to the accumulation of time experience, it also needs many tips, so it is very talented to use seam welding machine very well.

The effect of electrode pressure on nugget is the same as spot welding. If the electrode pressure is too high, the indentation is too deep. But the lack of pressure can also cause shrinkage. The welding time and rest time of seam welding machine are seam welding, which mainly control the nugget standard by welding time, and control the stacking amount by cooling time. The welding speed of seam welding machine is the welding speed, which is related to the thickness of the metal to be welded, as well as the strength and quality of the weld.


The welder of straight seam welding machine who is engaged in welding operation at high altitude shall undergo physical examination, and can only operate after passing the physical examination. It is forbidden to lift and weld while lifting parts. It is necessary to adhere to the cleanliness around the seam welding machine, and shall not be carried out in inflammable and explosive situations.

When the welding machine is connected to the power supply, the human body can not touch the electrified parts. It is necessary to check the function, shell and wiring of the machine to ensure that all aspects are intact. The welder shall wear protective equipment such as mask, work clothes, insulating gloves, insulating shoes, etc. the welding machine shall use a safe film knife switch, and check whether the insulation wire is damaged for 1 or 2 times before use.

Accurate use of seam welding machine can improve our power, but also can ensure our safety.

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