How to use automatic welding equipment in all position welding

2020-01-14 302

First, the active welding equipment is applied in omni-directional welding, and the rotating pair driving method is adopted for welding performing parts, which can flexibly and reasonably change the welding torch posture, which is conducive to the all-round welding operation. When the same welding parts are driven together, the motor power can also be reduced. In the application, the sensor of welding orientation is installed on the final reduction shaft, so as to detect the welding gun orientation. Adopting this installation method, the control accuracy is relatively high. In addition, with the help of this memory in the full active welding equipment, some welding process parameters and welding seam tracking control program are stored, and the welding process parameters are stored in the arc welding power source, so that the advantages of the arc welding power source can be brought into full play. Through the cooperation of the two, various quality problems that may appear in the all-round active welding operation can be effectively handled.


Secondly, the welding torch is driven by a stepper motor (stepper motor is a kind of open-loop control element stepping motor which changes the electric pulse signal into angular displacement or linear displacement). This kind of motor can effectively convert the digital input pulse type into a kind of rotary motion. The precision of the element itself is high, not only will it not appear drift There will be no accumulated error and other problems. The application of this element in omni-directional welding not only does not change the rotating speed, but also controls the frequency signal more stably and the displacement of welding gun is more accurate.

Thirdly, in the omni-directional welding operation, the organic combination of welding head and arc welding power source can not only achieve the intention of all-round active welding, but also reduce the price of active welding equipment to a certain extent. Through this method, not only can active welding be completed, but also semi-active welding can be carried out with the help of arc welding power source and semi-active welding gun.

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